Welcome message from the ‘Pride in Surrey’ founder

Hey Surrey (and our neighbours),

I know we will stand as a community in solidarity with the rest of the country (and world) whilst celebrating our diversity and inclusion through a Surrey LGBTQ+ Pride.  Whether you sit within the LGBTQ+ spectrum or are an ally, it doesn’t matter because everyone should be welcome and everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be. This is Surrey!

We may have missed the 2018 Pride boat but 2019 is the year we set sail and start our Pride celebrations with our very own event and parade.  I am personally committed in working with the community to make sure we create an ‘all inclusive’ Pride season in 2019.

The team will share info on the proposed event as soon as we’ve confirmed anything, but there is still lot’s of work to be done so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer please click here.

Pride for me isn’t just about what we do during the Pride season with events and a parade. Creating ‘Pride in Surrey’ means creating a community that can share ideas, get the help and support they need and educate those who may need a view on what it’s like to be LGBTQ+.

So, Pride in Surrey – Our journey starts now!

Many thanks,

with Love & Pride….
Stephen A Ireland
Founder of ‘Pride in Surrey’

Founder of Pride in Surrey, Stephen A Ireland


The mission of ‘Pride in Surrey’ is to celebrate the inclusion and diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) culture and community within Surrey and neighbouring counties.

Get involved by e-mailing: contact@prideinsurrey.org

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