Stallholders Terms and Conditions for Pride In Surrey 2020

Download Stallholders Terms and Conditions for Pride In Surrey 2020 – PDF File

Section 1. Definitions

  1. “You”means the stall holder 
    1. “Organiser”mean Pride In Surrey 
    2. “Event”means the annual Pride In Surrey 
    3. “Booking”means your request to attend the event 
    4. “Online Booking Process”means the online form to be submitted as part of your booking 
    5. “Your Staff”means all your members of staff, contractors and agents used by you throughout the duration of the event
    6. “Your Stall” means the area you will be using or the stall, stand or booth you will be bringing to the event

Section 2. Booking

2.1    All bookings must be done through the Online Booking Process:

2.2    Your booking not secured until you have received email confirmation from Pride In Surrey and all the relevant documentation has been received.  

Section 3. Health and Safety

  • You will undertake a risk assessment for your stall at the event and submit the relevant documents to the organisers.
    1. You agree to ensure that you and your staff comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and other guidelines relevant at all times during the event, including while setting up your stall and leaving the event 
    2. If you are providing food at your stall, in additional to meeting the requirements of clauses 3.2 and 3.2, you will also need to provide the following:
      a) Details of the council where you were first registered as a food outlet
      b) Your basic food hygiene and safety certificates and those relating to your staff 
      c) The food hygiene rating relating to your business and your stall  
    3. If you are providing food at your stall, on your arrival to setup for the event you must:
      a) Provide a copy of your HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system or food safety management system for your stall 
      b) Ensure your staff due to be working on your stall during the event are properly instructed, supervised and trained in food hygiene matters
      c) Ensure that all gas appliances have a Portable Gas appliance certificate issued within the last 12months 
      d) Ensure that all electrical equipment is well maintained and in good condition
      e) You will have hand wash facilities at your stall 
    4. In the event that the equipment you intend to use during the event is not certified to the satisfaction of the event organisers, or not well maintained or in good condition, you will not be permitted to use the equipment and you will be responsible for removing it from the event immediately.  
    5. You will be asked to be asked to leave the event and forfeit your booking if you do not provide the up to date information as relevant to you in clauses 3.1 to 3.4. In the event this happens, no refund will be given.

Section 4. Indemnity, Insurance and Documentation 

  • The organiser is not responsible for and will not accept liability for any injury, death or damage to property however caused, that occurs to you or your staff that arise from your stall or your participation and present at the event. 
    1. You agree to indemnify the organisersagainst all claims, actions, demands, proceedings, costs or awards in respect of any loss, damage, injury or death to person(s) or property engaged by you or assisting you caused by or arising from your stall or your attendance at the event.
    2. You must take out Public Liability Insurance at the minimum level of £5 million. You will be required to produce documentary evidence of such insurance on completing the Online Booking Process. This insurance must be valid throughout the duration of the Event.
    3. Where one or more vehicles are required to gain access to the event and set up your stall, you will be required to provide evidence of the Motor Insurance for the vehicle(s). Motor Insurance cover must include cover for business use.
    4. Injury or damage to property caused by a motor vehicle is specifically excluded from public liability insurance therefore any claim for compensation would be made against the motor insurance. This applies whether the vehicle is moving or stationary at the time of the injury or damage.
    5. Failure to provide proof of insurance cover as required under clauses 4.3 and 4.4 will lead to the cancellation of your booking and prohibition form attending the Event.
    6. Pride In Surrey may share copies of any documentation or information that you supply to Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council or any other relevant authorities. This includes, but not limited to; documents such as Risk Assessments, Booking Forms, Public Liability Insurance and Food Hygiene Certificates.   

Section 5. Cancellation

  • The organisers reserves the right to refuse any booking without being required to give a reason for such refusal. 
    • The organiserreserves the right to cancel your booking. Should the organisercancel your booking, the organiseragrees to provide notice of cancellation no later than seven days before the Event unless the event is cancelled in accordance with clause 5.7 below. 
    • If the organiser cancels your booking in accordance with clause 5.2 above, you will receive a full refund within 30 days of the organiser issuing youwith a notice of cancellation.
    • If you wish to cancel your booking, notice of cancellation is required in writing to the organiser. Refunds will operate on the following basis:
      Notice of cancellation before 30thJune – 90% refund 
      Notice of cancellation before 31stJuly – 50% refund
      Notice of cancellation on or after 1stAugust – no refund given 
    • The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event on short notice due to an emergency of any kind or circumstances out of the control of the organiser.
    • Should the event be cancelled in accordance with clause 5.5, the organiser will consider refunding part or all of any fees and charges paid by you and the amount shall be at the discretion of the organiser. 

    • The organiser will not be liable for any consequential loss suffered by you due to cancellation of the event in accordance with clause 5.5 above.

Section 6. Collections and Lotteries

  1. No collections, games of chance, sweep stakes, lotteries or betting of any kind may be conducted at the event without the prior written consent of the organiser. 
    A license may be required by Woking Borough Council if consent is granted by the organiser. Permission to seek such licenses but be approved by the organiser before you start any application processes. 

Section 7. Photography, Broadcasting and Television

  1. Any photography at the event must only take place with the prior consent of the subject of the photograph. If the subject of the photograph is a minor, the prior consent of their parent or guardian is required.
    1. You are not permitted to carry out or allow to be carried out any professional filming, video recording, taping, television or radio broadcasts or any other recording of any kind of during the event without prior consent from the organsiers. If such consent is given, the organsiers reserves the right to be a party to any negotiations and the terms and conditions of any agreements reached and to share any income and publicity derived therefrom.
    2. Once Your Booking has been confirmed and as part of this contract, you consent to the organiser using photographs of you and your Stall and any photographs you take during the event for publicity purposes. 
      These materials may include but are not limited to:
      – Leaflets, magazines and flyers published by the organiser
      – Websites and social media accounts managed by the organisers 
      – Newspapers and magazines the organisers advertise in

Section 8. Rubbish, Litter and Housekeeping

  • You are expected to keep your stall tidy at all times at the event and free of any surplus rubbish.  
    1. The organisers will be installing waste disposal points at the event, these points are for the use of event visitors to dispose any litter.
    2. These waste disposal points are not for the use of stallholders to dispose any surplus waste generated from you operating your stall at the event. 
    3. Items such as, but not limited to: catering supplies packaging, empty cooking oil drums, unsold food or any abandoned/damaged equipment must not be left at the event or placed into any waste disposal points and must be taken with you when leaving the event. 
    4. Any items disposed incorrectly or abandoned will be photographed by the organisers and you will incur a disposal charge of £50.00 by the organiser. 
    5. Disposal charges will be sent to you in writing within 10days after the event.
    6. Disposal charges are required to be paid in full within 30days after receiving the charge.     

Section 9. Use of Your Stall and Stall Allocation

  • Toilets are available on site. The organiser is unable to provide any staff cover for your stall. 
    1. Only products that are specified on your booking will be permitted to be sold at the event.
    2. The organiser reserves the right to restrict the sale of any product(s) that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. 
    3. The organiser does not permit the sale of any knives or replica weaponry.
    4. The organiser does not permit any unbranded Pride or Rainbow merchandise for sale or giveaway whilst at the event. 
    5. You must not encroach outside the allocated space for your stall or pitch.    
    6. No third party sponsorship or branding can be displayed without written approval from the organiser
    7. The location of you Stall will be allocated by the organiser. A number of factors will be taken into account including variety of goods, the overall balance of the surrounding stalls and health and safety considerations. 
    8. The organiser does not provide any power, gazebos, tables or chairs as part of your booking. Any equipment used at the event by you or your staff must be in good condition, working order. Equipment must be used, installed, storage and dismantled in accordance to the manufactures instructions. 

Section 10. Booking Assignment 

  1. The booking shall be personal to you and the right the use the allocated pitch shall not be sublet, assigned or otherwise transferred to any party. 

Section 11. Variations to Agreement

  1. The organiser reserves the right to vary the conditions of the agreement  between you and the organiser at any time with seven days notice. Any variations made shall be deemed to be incorporated in these terms and conditions. You may, within seven days of receipt of such notice terminate this agreement.