Our contribution to Surrey’s LGBTQ+ community

Connecting the community to support available
Building safe spaces across Surrey
Working collaboratively with local support groups
Increase LGBTQ+ visibility across the county
Launched the Proud Show on Radio Woking
Held over 35 inclusive events in 2019
Held Surrey’s first Pride Parade and Park Celebration

Our volunteers

Pride In Surrey is run solely by volunteers and is and non-profit organisation. All money raised from donations and sponsors either goes on future Pride events or towards the communities local support charities such as Outline Surrey

The Pride In Surrey planning team is made up of 16 volunteers
Additionally a further 32 volunteer signed up to help at Pride

Visitor stats

7,560 unique visitors to Pride Park, Woking Park.
Estimated 3,200 watched the parade in Woking Town.
43% of visitors told us Pride In Surrey was the first Pride they attended.
38% of visitors live in Woking, 12% Guildford, 17% outside of Surrey.
21% of visitors were under 25.
64% of visitors discovered a new service, charity or support group at Pride.

£314,722 estimated revenue generated into local businesses on Pride day.

The cost of Surrey’s first Pride

37% from corporate sponsors
31% from donations/fundraising
16% from Surrey PCC grant
12% service charges
2% other

How was the money spent?

£12k – entertainment (stage, lights, crew, acts)
£4.5k – security (SIA staff, fencing, overnight patrols)
£3.4k – accessibility (changing spaces, toilets, fencing)
£2.3k – first aid and H&S (crew, radios, training)
£1.8k – electric/power (generators, fuel, cables)


Our spread pride not hate campaign raises awareness of ways to report hate crime, whilst also demonstrating a clear need to stand together as a community and face hate crime head on as an unacceptable thing impacting us and other minority groups.
We will continue to challenge the government urging them to harden sanctions snd recognise that online hate is just as bad and should be handled effectively thus minimising impact on those it hurts.

68% of visitors told us that they remember our Stop Hate campaign

Eco Pride

With thanks to the team of volunteers we were able to achieve our ‘leave no trace’ promise at Woking Park.
We also worked with our waste suppliers and stallholders to operate and zero waste to landfill policy.

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